Tionna Givens (Director/Coach)
Coach Tionna was a cheerleader for many years before she decided to take her talent to coaching. She served as a youth recreational cheer coach for 10+ years before becoming the director. During her time as director, she coached her team to win 1st Place at the National Championship in Florida. In the spirit for striving for more, Coach Tionna decided to take her dreams and passion for cheer into creating Cheer Matrix. 
Amanda Mack (Competition Registrar)
Amanda fell inlove with Cheerleading when she signed her daughter up at the age of 3. Amanda decided to take her love for cheer further and became the director of a success youth program. Amanda served as the Cheer Commisoner for two years when she decided it was time to turn her dreams of owning a cheer facility into reality. 
Coach Catie (Senior 3 Coach & Tumble Instructor) 
Coach Victoria (Senior 2.1 Coach & Tumble Instructor)
Coach Anisa (Travel Liason/Admin)